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The moderator for the day was the lovely Maria Berghäll who led the day with great energy and enthusiasm. The lack of semiconductors was at the mainsubject of the day and presentations from companies were interspersed with Mentimeter questions that created a commitment among the audience. Ola Boström from Veoneer and Marcus Hasselblad from Gapwaves were present and presented. The rest of the companies Silex Microsystems, ST Microelectronics, RISE and AlixLabs ran their presentations digitally.

[Image: Ola Boström from Veoneer presents]

[Image: Marcus Hasselblad from Gapwaves presents]

11 projects from Smartare Electronic Systems presented their projects. Menti polls where used extensively during the day for interaction with the participants both in the room and behind the ZOOM screen. The audience’s award for best project presentation went to the University of Lund for the project ”Non-invasive medical imaging system with optical contrast and ultrasonic resolution” which is rewarded with exhibiting at the Smarter Electronic Systems booth at ECS fair in Kista in the spring of 2022.

The last presentation block for the day was external monitoring where IDEA, EPoSS, VDI / VDE and the Ministry of Trade and Industry presented.

The day ended with a strategy discussion prior to the update of the Swedish electronics agenda where the strategy around e.g. green electronics and the mapping of the program’s various top areas’ development in both scientific publications and Swedish new patent applications during 2013-2019 formed the basis for the interactive question time with the participants in the audience. Work on updating the strategic research and innovation agenda for Smarter Electronic Systems until 2030 will begin this autumn. If you want to be part of the work yourself or if you have tips on who should be involved, get in touch with us here: [email protected]

A very nice day with very rewarding discussions.

Thanks to everyone who participated!

[Image: Smarter electronics system program manager Magnus Svensson with moderator Maria Berghäll]

Presentations – SUMMIT 2021

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