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Fascinating Electronics for a Cool World

20 augusti, 2023 - 25 augusti, 2023

2023 Summer School Edition

A radical, digital revolution is occurring on how we live and how we work. The innovations that lie at the heart of this transformation are founded on the rapid developments of Electronics Components and Systems, powered by Advanced Microelectronics and Integration Technologies as well as new Embedded Software and Systems paradigms. They are an essential part of the solutions to the many challenges facing our society.

Like many regions of the world, Europe has recognized the strategic importance of these technologies and is implementing an ambitious plan to attract investment and create high-quality jobs in this area. Answering this need of advancing skills development in the Electronic Components and Systems sector, the three industry associations AENEAS, EPoSS and Inside are inviting selected students to get an understanding of the diversity of the activities it offers and get a glimpse at state-of-the-art applications during a one-week Summer School, entirely free of charge.

Apply now for this unique opportunity to discover the fascinating world of electronic components and systems and understand how you can contribute to make Europe a better place!

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20 augusti, 2023
25 augusti, 2023
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