There is an unknown industry that employs more than 300,000 Swedes

Smarter Electronic Systems is a strategic innovation program to increase competitiveness and growth in Swedish industry


Call open January 17

Research and innovation projects. We want to see collaborative projects that develop innovative solutions and new knowledge in the application area Embedded intelligent systems, which are based on industrial needs regarding manufacturability, robustness or energy efficiency.


Here, interest in technology is ignited with traffic lights

In order to promote students’ interest in and learning in technology, NTA School Development, together with the innovation program Smarter Electronic Systems, has produced educational materials for compulsory school. We have met some who work with the material.

Woman pointing on digital tablet screen, chatting in social networks, meeting website, searching internet, sending sms, using text messenger or online banking. Close up of female hands holding device

Smarter Electronics manual 2.0

Download the sequel to the Smartes Electronics manual and its templates and checklists.