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Nu kan ännu fler få stöttning i sitt arbete kring framtagning cybersäkra IoT-produkter

Tipsa era engelskspråkiga kollegor, så kan ännu fler få smidig och praktisk hjälp som gör framtagandet av cybersäkra IoT-produkter enklare.

Nedan följer engelsk text kring handboken 
Texten om den svenska versionen av handboken finns att läsa här

Handbook for Development of Cybersecure IoT Products

It is very demanding to stay up-to-date, understand, and be able to handle the new security requirements when it comes to the development and creation of IoT (Internet of Things). Cyber-secure IoT products play a crucial role in building a safer future in an increasingly digitized society.

– The threats have unfortunately increased dramatically. There are also a number of new regulations underway. Therefore, a lot is required from the industry developing new IoT- systems to be able to come up with solutions that can cope with the new situation, says Maria Månsson at Smartare Elektroniksystem, initiator of the handbook. The handbook was first released in Swedish in april 2023 and is now translated to English.

The handbook for cyber-secure IoT products has been developed in collaboration with a working group with representatives from companies and organizations who have contributed their knowledge and experience. Process leader and main writer has been John Lindström, Professor EMBA CISSP, and lead consultant Dielcon AB.

The goal of the handbook is to provide support throughout the whole life cycle of the IoT product with practical advice, checklists, standards and methods useable by electronics and software developers as well as product owners, customers and others.

SIP Smarter Electronics Systems, together with various actors, has for several years now created advice for the industry on how electronics can be developed and produced. ”Smartare Elektronikhandboken” was the first in the handbook series, where the focus is on the interface between development and production to provide effective collaboration in the value chain.

The project ”Handbook for the development of cyber-safe IoT products” is a collaboration between the strategic innovation programs Smarter Electronic systems and IoT Sweden and the Swedish Electronics Industry Association.

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