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Workshop for the electronics industry’s high school education

What electronics skills does your company need?
We can adapt the vocational outcome of the upper secondary school program Electricity & Energy

Major reforms of the upper secondary school program must wait for a total upper secondary school reform, but in the meantime it is possible to create adapted vocational outcomes within existing programs. With your help, we want to create a needs-adapted career outcome within the Electricity and Energy Program.
An adapted career outcome contains 500 high school credits (about 1/5 of the entire program). Be involved and influence when we name the career outcome and choose which courses are to be included in these 500 points so that students are attracted and become directly employable.

• Background and introduction – Magnus Svensson, Smarter Electronics System
• Prioritization of course offerings – workshop
• Naming of career outcome – workshop

Personnel with the right skills are crucial for the electronics industry in Sweden to continue to be successful in a competitive environment.

Be involved and influence!