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Digital Seminar: Smart Power to Reduce ICT Energy Costs

Welcome to a digital half-day seminar with the aim of increasing knowledge about how we with smart technology can reduce the energy cost of our information and communication systems (ICT)

Breaking the Energy Curve of Mobile Networks,
Ove Persson, Ericsson
How do we meet future traffic demands without adding more energy to the mobile networks? Listen to how Ericsson addresses the challenge to break the energy curve?

Liquid Cooling and Its Impact on Climate Change,
Dr. Olli Salmela, Nokia and Dr. Vlad Grigore, Efore
Liquid cooling brings significant energy savings, thus reducing the Total Cost of Ownership and CO2 emissions. Results from a liquid cooled base station and power system operated in a commercial cellular network are presented

Smart digitization for energy efficiency and indoor climate in historic buildings,
Zhongjun Ni and Prof. Shaofang Gong, Linköping University and Prof. Tor Broström, Uppsala University
Achieving optimal energy efficiency while preserving historic buildings is achievable by integrating advanced information and communication technologies.

DC UPS, part of the system for frequency control of the electricity grid,
Stefan Lidström, Comsys
Battery storage in data halls and telecommunications stations often has an unused resource that can generate revenue by offering balancing services to the power companies.

Powering Small Cells – new industry standard to support network densification,
Magnus Bjelkefelt, EnerSys
What are the powering options today and what is the industry doing to address the major challenge getting enough power reliably and cost effectively to the massive amount of small cells in a densified 5G network.

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