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Power Electronics Day

Welcome to a seminar and discussion day about the importance of power electronics for society’s electrification. Power electronics are needed for all control and conversion of electrical energy. Swedish research and Swedish companies play a significant role in the development of power electronics. It is important that Swedish industry continues to be competitive in this area. As we increase electrification in society, the need for power electronics increases, everywhere. When electrical energy is created and transferred, when entire industries and individual motors are powered, batteries are charged and in all our electronic gadgets. Power electronics consist of semiconductor components that are today in short supply in the world. Technology development is driven by increased demand and the need to reduce losses during conversion. Does Sweden meet the challenges and how do Swedish companies and Swedish research contribute to the solutions? These are some of the questions we will try to answer.


  • Welcome and introduction
    Where is the future need for power electronics.
    Infinion (DE)
    Swedish Energy Agency (PECTA project)
    Swedish Electromobility Center
  • The system perspective – what are the needs and opportunities.
    Electrification Hub and the member companies: Mälarenergi, Alstom and Hitachi
  • Swedish companies at the forefront of technology development.
    ST Silicon Carbide
    EVS inmotion
  • Three discussion and workshop groups
    Barriers and drivers for a transition to WBG components
    Establishment of power electronics production in Sweden
    The innovation system – opportunities and shortcomings.

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