Audience in the lecture hall.
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EUREKA Global Innovation Summit and B2B

The Eureka Global Innovation Summit and the Styrian Future day will merge to form the Global Innovation Summit in 2021. The major discussion topics are the green and digital transformation. In addition, reconstructing economies and international cooperation after the coronavirus crisis will play a central role.

The Innovation Summit 2021 offers a unique possibility for businesses, international funders and researchers to network, exchange ideas and develop new business opportunities.

This conference and B2B event, featuring the main topics ”Green Transition and ”Digital Transition”, focuses on international research and development cooperation and Start-ups.

Industry, researchers, SMEs, Start-Ups, regional and national innovation and funding agencies as well as EC officials and all other stakeholders of the European innovation ecosystem are expected to gather in Graz to listen to exiting key not presentations, engage in interactive workshops and participate in B2B meetings organized by the Enterprise Europe Network.


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