The 7th Swedish Production Symposium

”The key to success in reaching sustainable production in all dimensions is to build collaborative platforms and stay ahead in these research areas. We therefore cordially invite you to share your ideas and research in a warm and friendly atmosphere at the 7th International Swedish Production Symposium hosted by Lund University during 25th – 27th of October, 2016!

Globalization, competition and sustainability have been and will be important challenges for development of the factories of the future. Resource efficient manufacturing processes, sensor integration and novel automation are factors playing an important role in a sustainable production environment. This will call for new and sustainable manufacturing technologies as well as new ideas and cross disciplinary collaboration throughout the entire chain of activities from product development and raw material choice to the finished and recycled product.


  • Manufacturing processes
  • Tool materials and their application
  • Robotics, machine tools and automation
  • Integrated product and production development
  • Business models, strategic enterprise planning and global sustainability
  • Virtual manufacturing and simulation
  • Learning and education”