Prestudies 2019

In total, 10 of the 34 submitted applications were granted funding of totally SEK 3.2 million.

Following projects were funded in this call:

Increased functionality in laminated glass products with fiber optic sensors

Project budget 830 000 kronor, granted funding 400 000 kronor

Partners in project: RISE, TMF, GFAB, Linnéuniversitetet

Objectives: Gained knowledge about the applicability of integrating fiber optics for sensorics in laminated glass and how it can generate new applications and market opportunities.

Project summary from the coordinator here

Design robustness for mm-wave 5G/6G power amplifier in nanowire transistor technology

Project budget 780 000 kronoor, granted funding 389 000 kronor

Partners in Project: C2Amps, Lunds universitet

Objectives: Feasibility study regarding design robustness before prototype manufacturing of a power amplifier for the Ka-band (26.5-40 GHz) designed with vertical InGaAs nanowire transistors, together with further development of compact device models for circuit simulators

Project summary from coordinator here

High performance packaging technology for 5G and future mobile communication

Project budget 700 000 kronoor, granted funding 300 000 kronor

Partners in Project: Chalmers, Ericsson AB, SHT Smart High Tech AB, RISE IVF AB, Multi-Teknik Mönsterkort AB

Objectives: The aim of this work is to introduce an innovated copper-graphene composite material to enable new building practises to conduct heat away from an integrated electronic system.

Project summary from coordinator here

Current sensor based on graphene Hall device

Project budget 497 000 kronoor, granted funding 248 500 kronor

Partners in Project: Graphensic, Chalmers

Objectives: Demonstrate a current sensor based on a graphene Hall sensor, suitable for the industrial and automotive temperature ranges, −55 °C to 125 C.

Project summary from coordinator here

Graphene Waveguide Integrated Switch for High-frequency applications (G-WISH)

Project budget 800 000 kronoor, granted funding 400 000 kronor

Partners in Project: Chalmers, Gapwaves, RISE

Objectives: The project has 3 primary objectives to be completed over a 6 month period. The objectives are:
• Assess the feasibility of graphene as a switching material for the waveguide including a literature survey and simulation of device components.
• Establish a process suitable for development of a graphene-based waveguide switch. Waveguide fabrication (or key parts of the fabrication depending on the available funding) will be attempted and, in the case of a no-go scenario, outline challenges.
• Develop component performance requirements, constraints and packaging solutions for implementation in Gapwaves devices

Project summary from coordinator here

Monitoring water quality in real-time using UV fluorescence

Project budget 312 000 kronoor, granted funding 156 000 kronor

Partners in Project: RISE, Watersprint AB, Orbital Systems AB

Objectives: This feasibility study will investigate the possibility to build a compact, low-cost system for water quality analysis in real-time. The system is based on excitation and measurement of UV fluorescence from micro-organisms in water. A lab-scale test system will be developed and used to analyze water from different test environments and with different contaminants to evaluate the sensitivity and validity of the measurements. This evaluation will be used as a basis for design and specification of a low-cost UV fluorescence water analysis system to be implemented in a future, larger R&D project.

Project summary from coordinator here

Radar-AI platform

Project budget 783 000 kronoor, granted funding 391 500 kronor

Partners in Project: Acconeer AB, Imagimob AB

Objectives: The project aims at capturing the best of two technology development trends, radar and AI, and establish a radar-AI proof-of-concept platform to pave way for a continued Research and Innovation project, where the Radar-AI concept can be further researched to solve challenges in applications ranging from gesture control to smart building monitoring.

Project summary from coordinator here

UWB Transparent Antennas for Autonomous Vehicles by New Bowtie Antenna and Nano Mesh Technologies

Project budget 807 920 kronoor, granted funding 400 000 kronor

Partners in Project: Gapwaves AB, Chalmers

Objectives: Develop UWB transparent antennas integrated in vehicle glass, by combining our patented Bowtie antenna, gap waveguide technology and Nano mesh film technology, with a feature of UWB performance, high radiation efficiency and high transparency.

Project summary from coordinator here

ACT – Automatic Cargo Tracking

Project budget 531 152 kronoor, granted funding 256 652 kronor

Partners in Project: Blue Science Park, Blekinge Institute of Technology, Wireless Independent Provider AB (WIP)


• Collaboration partners identified and ready to collaborate in an implementation project performing a POC
• Identified appropriate material for the ID-Tag to be applied inside packages and onto products
• Identified appropriate electronic components, algorithms and frequency to be used for the central unit
• Implementation project application agreed between all parties and ready to be send

Project summary from coordinator here

Glass Coated Optical Fibers for Sensors in Extreme Environments

Project budget 600 000 kronoor, granted funding 300 000 kronor

Partners in Project: RISE Fibre Optics, BB Metallurgy, Sandvik Materials Technology, RISE Glas

Objectives: A basis for planning an R&I-project for developing a glass coated optical fiber. It shall include an assessment of the technical feasibility and the business potential

Project summary from coordinator here