PEA Innovation Clusters

Smarter Electronic Systems is committed to making printed electronics available, a disruptive technology for electronic manufacturing.

The area is developing rapidly in terms of both research results in this technology and in product development in order to produce products and production methods for new applications of printed electronics. Electronics in completely new contexts will be possible. It is your own imagination that sets limits for the electronics of the future based on this new technology. Compared to ordinary electronics production, printed electronics offer a host of new opportunities, such as cheap mass production, electronics on flexible substrates and rapid prototype production in small series.

Swedish companies have dared to and have been able to use printed electronics even though Sweden is far ahead in international comparisons regarding R&D in Printed Electronics. At the same time, we look at how the companies and countries invest in Printed Electronics to create renewal in the business world. To make the possibilities visible and get more Swedish companies to test how they can use printed electronics in their business, Smartare Electronic Systems in printed electronics has made its biggest investment so far on an individual project – PEA Innovation Clusters.

Status printed electronics in Sweden

New electronic materials such as electrical conductors and semiconductors in the form of plastics (polymers), have made it possible to manufacture electronic “inks”. These inks can be used to draw, or print, electronic components and circuits on paper or plastic.

The process can be automated by using printers (such as inkjet printers) or printing presses, providing processes for mass production of electronics called printed electronics.

RISE Acreo and Linköping University in Norrköping collaborate within PEA (Printed Electronics Arena) and run a test bed / demonstration plant / pilot line for printed electronics that is world-class. Thanks to grants of approximately SEK 25 million from the Knut and Alice Wallenberg funds, the equipment within PEA and the new laboratory now constitutes Europe’s most modern facility for research and development of future production for printing electronics.

Within PEA, focus has so far been on technology and concept development, development of production technology and market adaptation in areas such as:

Smart packaging
Sensors in built environment
Printed solar cells on paper or plastic authenticity verification
Sensor platform for applications in health and care

Smarters Electronics systems now want to enable a broadening of the use of printed electronics at Swedish companies and therefore invest in the individual project PEA-Innovation cluster. The innovation cluster increases the visibility of printed electronics, informs companies about the opportunities and offers customized services so that each company can meet their special needs. These company-adapted services include, for example, support for the development of prototype design, participation in prototype production in the test bed, participation in the evaluation of prototypes.

The use of the test bed can be done in three levels. Buy R&D projects by RISE Acreo and pay according to applicable tariffs (updated annually) – Allow is own staff working together with Acreo staff in PEA-Manufacturing. Acreo charges according to applicable tariffs depending on the input.- Rent individual machines or the entire facility for shorter periods. Fees for this are negotiated on a case-by-case basis, including due to demands for confidentiality and other players’ ability to simultaneously use the facility.- Participate in education in Printed electronics in PEA-Manufacturing.

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