Ulla-Britt Fräjdin-Hellqvist, Chairman
Fredrik Wising, Saab AB
Bo Wass, Smartilizer Scandinavia AB
Maria Månsson, Prevas AB / Chairman Swedish Electronics
Mikael Joki, Eskilstuna Elektronikpartner AB
Christina Hugosson, Effic AB
Tommy Noaksson, ABB Process Automation
Edvard Kälvesten, Silex AB
Leif Ljungqvist, Comstrat Consult AB
Jerker Delsing, Luleå University of Technology
Carl-Mikael Zetterling, Royal Institute of Technology

Program Office

Magnus Svensson, Program Manager
Lena Norder, Communications Manager
Anders Martinsen, Project Manager
Thorbjörn Ebefors, Deputy Program Director and Internationalization

Program Areas

There are three program councils, each of which responds to the three main challenges that are in focus for Smarter Electronic Systems.

The councils propose activities and initiatives. The board is decisive. In the councils, there are professionals from the industry who want to influence and participate in the work within the respective council’s area.

Each council is led by people from the board and the agency:
Each council is led by a board representative and a representative from the agency.

Lace Areas
Leif Ljungqvist, comstrat
Magnus Svensson, Program Office

Value Chain
Maria Månsson, Prevas AB
Lena Norder, Program Office

Mikael Joki, Eskilstuna Elektronikpartner AB
Anders Martinsen, Program Office

Those who want to participate in the councils are warmly welcome to contact those responsible for the councils

International collaborations
As of 2018, the program will focus on strengthening Swedish companies’ participation in international project consortium. We build networks with organizations that are similar to Smarter Electronic Systems in other countries and help Swedish companies find international partners. Chief responsible is Thorbjörn Ebefors who is Deputy Program Director:

In autumn 2013 Smarter Electroic Systems presented the research and innovation agenda, which forms the basis of the program. The agenda was produced under the guidance of the following working group:

Working group

Leif Ljungqvist, Acreo Swedish ICT
Jan Y Andersson, Acreo Swedish ICT
Louise Felldin, Acreo Swedish ICT
Maria Månsson, Prevas, Trade organization Svensk Elektronik
Lena Norder, Trade organization Svensk Elektronik
Dag Andersson, Swerea IVF
Pierre-Yves Fonjallaz, PhotonicSweden
Dag Jungenfeldt, Chalmers
Staffan Norrga, KTH
Jerker Delsing, LTU

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