About Smarter Electronic Systems

Smarter Electronic Systems is a strategic innovation program for increasing competitiveness and growth in Swedish industry. The work takes place in broad collaboration between industry representatives, research institutes and universities.

Sweden is a world-class industrial country. A big part of the reason is that we are world-class in terms of electronic systems. Electronic systems are highly cross-sectoral. They are part of an ever-increasing number of contexts and constitute an increasingly larger and more important part of the products and production systems that exist and develop within different industries. This increases the market.

Smart Electronic Systems are increasingly being demanded as new efficient solutions, to be found to meet the many global challenges facing the world, such as requirements for the development of renewable energy sources, streamlining energy production, energy saving, long-term sustainable environment and healthcare and care for a growing and an increasingly aging population.

In order for Sweden and Swedish companies to be able to compete on smart electronic systems in the future, we need to meet three main challenges:

Value Chain
Improve collaboration in the value chain

Main focus
Have a national tip in key areas

Secure the supply of skills

The Smartare Electronic system program works with these three challenges.

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