13 October, 2021

Here is the education with great employment opportunities

The application is now open for the education to become an Electronics Engineer in Eskilstuna. In total, the 20 places will be filled by new students already in December 2021. The polytechnic program Electronics Engineer alternates theoretical knowledge with practical experience and provides great opportunities for jobs after graduation.

The most important parts of our YH education are our two LIA periods where the students can translate their theoretical knowledge into practical performances in a workplace. Many also get employment with their LIA companies after completing their education, says Sofia Karlsson, head of education at the School of Technology in Eskilstuna.

The education in Eskilstuna has existed since 2018 and consists of most courses developed in collaboration with working life.

All courses are important and create a breadth of education. In addition to mathematics and physics, students study e-learning about power supply and electronics, for example, Sofia Karlsson continues.
Electronics engineer is a cross-industry profession found in almost every technical industry, including electronics, electric power, vehicles, IT, communications, defense, and medical technology. Previous students have moved on to professional roles as electronics engineer, printed circuit board designer and test engineer. Tasks may be design, construction, testing, operation and maintenance of electrical systems.

Wants to attract more women and companies

In addition to participating in trade fairs and YH days around the country and in the immediate area, the school arranges digital information meetings and tries to reach new students via Linkedin, Facebook and Instagram.

We also want to be made visible to adjustment organizations and would like to attract more girls to attend the education. There is a great shortage of electronics engineers in all industries and we believe that the professional role needs to be made visible so that women also find their way to the profession, says Sofia Karlsson.
New LIA companies are also something the school is actively working on to create contact with.

We would like to see more companies in electronics in the management team at the school. LIA companies are really needed in education and companies need our students.
LIA, Learning in working life, can be compared to a free trial employment and the students are insured throughout the education through the Board of Trustees – both in Sweden and abroad.

LIA is a fantastic recruitment route where both students and companies get the opportunity to try a collaboration without committing to a job. Companies are given the opportunity to train the student in their programs and routines and companies often learn and are challenged in other ways of thinking by the students as well. Companies also receive help in performing tasks in the form of an extra resource in the workplace. LIA is a win-win for both parties, says the head of education.

Rewarding to be a LIA company

It is easy to become an LIA company and thus an important piece of the puzzle in the students’ education. The company appoints a supervisor who supervises and is responsible for the contact with the school. The supervisor also fills in a supervisor assessment, which is part of the grades the student receives on their LIA. Before the LIA period, a cooperation agreement is written. The collaboration agreement specifies thinking tasks and the supervisor, the student and a representative from the school sign the agreement. The company may also take part in the syllabus for each LIA course.

The school is always included as a sounding board before, during and after LIA. The school also books an LIA follow-up during the LIA period to check the situation, but you are always welcome to contact the school when any questions arise. Our students are often appreciated at their LIA companies and this is a good way to continue employment, Sofia Karlsson concludes
Do you want to know more about the education, are you interested in collaborations with LIA, study visits or guest lecturers?

Student manager – Irene Nährström
Phone: 021-104971

Education manager – Sofia Karlsson
Phone: 019-100082

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