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Research and innovation project 2022

January 17, 2022 Smartar Electronics Systems announcement for Research and innovation projects.
We want to see collaborative projects that develop innovative solutions and new knowledge in the application area Embedded intelligent systems, which are based on industrial needs regarding manufacturability, robustness or energy efficiency. Last day to apply was march 15
Read more: Research and Innovation Project 2022 | Vinnova

Feasibility studies 2021

Smarter Electronic Systems annual call for pre-study projects opened on Monday June 7th , and is published on Vinnova’s website. Feasibility studies are short-term projects that examine the conditions for future major research and innovation projects. The call is broader than the programme’s ditto for projects, which is open January-March each year, but our program office helps approved projects find suitable calls and partners for any follow-up projects.

The call closed on September 3.

To the announcement on Vinnova’s page

Research and innovation project 2021

In the call for research and innovation projects that closed on March 11th 2021, 10 of the total of 35 applications submitted were approved. In total, the 35 projects applied for just under SEK 98 million and the 10 approved projects can share in SEK 30.7 million. The projects will start July 1 – September 1 and are then expected to be completed within 24 months.
Read more about the approved projects here.

Feasibility studies 2020

Feasibility studies can be applied for by an individual actor, however, at least one company must be included. The projects are expected to be short and lead to larger collaborative projects focusing on research and innovation.

Read about the approved projects here.

Research and Innovation Project 2020

In the call for Research and Innovation Projects, which closed on 12 March 2020, 9 projects were granted out of a total of 53 applications received. The 9 projects share SEK 24.1 million in grants.

Read about the approved projects here.

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