Utlysningen Forsknings- och innovationsprojekt 2019

I utlysningen som stängde 14 mars 2019 beviljas 8 projekt som totalt delar på 24,3 miljoner kronor i bidrag

Components for Quantum Computers

Project budget 5 640 000 kronor, grants 2 830 000 kronor

Partners in project: Chalmers, Low Noise Factory AB

Objective: To develop a C-band hybrid amplifier module with 40 dB gain, average noise temperature of 0.5 K (<0.01 dB) and a dc power dissipation less than 0.1 mW.

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Antenna systems for smart wells

Project budget 7 200 000 kronor, grants 3 600 000 kronor

Partners in project: Mid sweden University,  AquaDuctus, Sweco, MittSverige Vatten och avfall, Tierp Järnbruk, Shortlink

Objective:   To design a system that is reliable, imply minimal maintenance and are possible integrate in well production. The project will develop a demonstrator that will be evaluated in the operative environments in the wells

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Linearization for wireless access in 5G and beyond

Project budget 8 930 000 kronor, grants 4 000 000 kronor

Partners in project: Chalmers, Ericsson, Bluetest

Objectives:  Development of power amplifier linearization schemes, operating at extreme bandwidth in massive multi-antenna 5G, and beyond, systems

Specific sub-objectives to reach the main objective:

  • Reduce the complexity of wideband linearization by one order of magnitude compared to contemporary techniques.
  • Reduce the complexity of multi-antenna linearization by one order of magnitude compared to contemporary techniques.
  • Combine wideband and multi-antenna linearization, reducing complexity by up to two orders of magnitude.
  • Implement and demonstrate wideband multi-antenna linearization in a testbed, operating in a realistic environment.

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Array antennas for SatCom applications on mobile platforms

Project budget 7 829 600 kronor, grants 3 914 800 kronor

Partners in project: ReQuTech AB, Linköping University, Forsway Scandinavia AB


  • To improve broadband coverage and mobility to areas where no cellular network infrastructure is available, the solution is to use flexible antennas on moving platforms for Satellite Communication (SatCom).
  • To develop a low-cost, low profile antenna for services with High Throughput Satellite (HTS).

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News and results: Pressrelease

Cloud-Based Indoor Climate Station Embedded in Active Plant Screen

Project budget 5 000 000 kronor, grants 2 500 000 kronor

Partners in project: Vertical Plants System Sweden AB,  Angland Electronics AB, Apptek Teknik Applikationer AB, Akademiska Hus AB, J2 Holding AB, Linköping University

Objective:  A cloud-based indoor climate station with multiple sensors and actuators, including a new type of VOC (volatile organic compounds) sensor system originating from a recently closed EU project, SENSIndoor

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Highly-efficient integrated millimetre band antennas (High-Int)

Project budget 5 196 040 kronor, grants 2 499 560 kronor

Partners in project: KTH, Ericsson AB

Objective: The main goal of High-Int is to investigate the new possibilities of fully-metallic configurations forimplementing highly efficient antennas in the millimetre band

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Fibre-optic Pressure Sensor for Machine Integration and Harsh Environments

Project budget 4 200 000 kronor, grants 2 100 000 kronor

Partners in project: RISE, SKF, Proximion, Svensk Kärnbränslehantering


  • To have pressure sensor protypes validated for machine monitoring at SKF and evaluated for bore-hole monitoring at SKB
  • To have a plan for commercialization

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Non-invasive medical imaging system with optical contrast and ultrasonic resolution

Project budget 5 924 173 kronor, grants 2 894 160 kronor

Partners in the project: Lund University, SpectraCure


  • Upgrade UOT system to operate with wavelengths in the tissue transparent window.
  • Map potential customer base and develop business plan.
  • Validate the upgraded system

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