Utlysningen Forsknings- och innovationsprojekt som stängde 8 mars 2018 gav följande utfall:

20 projekt beviljas sammanlagt 57,5 miljoner kronor i bidrag.

3D haptic touch ASIC

Projektbudget 8 915 000 kronor, beviljat bidrag 3 990 000 kronor

Deltagare i projektet: MyVox AB, ShortLink, LiU, Autoliv

Mål för projektet: to develop an ASIC with the following characteristics:

  • Possible to mass produce in IC Foundries (for example AMS Austria, X-Fab-Germany, STM-France, TSMC-Taiwan etc.) at cost of less than 5 USD,
  • Less than 1 mW / channel in total power consumption thereby making possible its use in mobile units.
  • A minimized ASIC form factor of ~50-100 mm^2 (5-7 x8-12 mm) with a thickness of less than 0.3 mm.
  • Allowing both analog and digital Tx/Rx beam forming of 96×96 channels pMUT transducers

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Higher-symmetric structures for future 5G communication systems

Projektbudget 5 000 000 kronor, beviljat bidrag 1 924 000 kronor

Deltagare i projektet: KTH, Ericsson AB, Sunway, Digital Metal

Mål för projektet:  Main goal of project is to produce a technological breakthrough based on the concept of higher symmetries for generating highly efficient antenna systems for 5G

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Pilot study for improved traffic safety for emergency vehicles using EVAM transmit technology

Projektbudget 3 549 000 kronor, beviljat bidrag 1 774 000 kronor

Deltagare i projektet: H&E Solutions AB, Inission Stockholm AB, Statens väg- och transportforskningsinstitut

Mål för projektet: The project aims to clearly investigate and evaluate the value chain and effects of EVAM Transmit to improve road safety for emergency vehicles

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DIGEST: Digitalization of HVDC grids via smart data discovery

Projektbudget 9 165 000 kronor, beviljat bidrag 4 000 000 kronor

Deltagare i projektet: ABB AB, Mälardalen  University

Mål för projektet: To establish a framework of smart data processing to support monitoring and real-time analysis of HVDC grids. This framework will be equipped with new methods and techniques that are capable of:

  • selecting the most discriminative features to describe HVDC cases
  • discovering the most significant HVDC cases to build the smart case base
  • incrementally updating the smart case base in real-time to adapt to varying operation conditions
  • fast identifying the fault (together with the root cause) in real-time by similarity-based reasoning with the smart data

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Smart multi-channel charge amplifier for x-ray spectrography

Projektbudget 5 900 000 kronor, beviljat bidrag 2 950 000 kronor

Deltagare i projektet: Orexplore AB, Grepit AB, Luleå University of Technology

Mål för projektet: Based on the successful feasibility study, design and ASIC for a multi-channel spectrometer for X-Ray spectroscopy, adapted for an analysis machine for mineral samples.

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Connect my body: from in-body communication to the health care system

Projektbudget 3 163 000 kronor, beviljat bidrag 1 486 000 kronor

Deltagare i projektet: Box Play Alleato AB, Uppsala University, Akademiska sjukhuset, Intel

Mål för projektet: To reliably connect in-body sensor networks to health care systems

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A Digital Pre-Distortion Power Amplifier for the NB-IoT Standard

Projektbudget 6 693 000 kronor, beviljat bidrag 3 347 000 kronor

Deltagare i projektet: Xenergic AB, Lunds Universitet

Mål för projektet:  Design of a PA (Power Amplifier) with “Digital Predistortion” (DPD). A transceiver will beintegrated with a DPD-algorithm developed by Lund University in cooperation with Xenergic AB.
Test-chip will be fabricated and measurements will be conducted in EIT’s electronics lab.

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Millimeter-wave massive MIMO systems with smart beamforming

Projektbudget 4 080 000 kronor, beviljat bidrag 2 040 000 kronor

Deltagare i projektet: Lund University, Sony Mobile Communications AB

Mål för projektet: Prototyping a millimeter-wave massive multiple-input multiple-output systems with smart beamforming capability for 5th generation new radio

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INITIATE = InNovatIve acTIve integrATEd antennas

Projektbudget 8 600 000 kronor, beviljat bidrag 4 000 000 kronor

Deltagare i projektet: Chalmers, Ericsson AB, Gapwaves AB

Mål för projektet: The goal of this project is to improve cost- and energy efficiency of 5G wireless communication transmitters through investigation of novel integrated active antenna concepts.

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Advanced laser for industrial lithography

Projektbudget 3 060 000 kronor, beviljat bidrag 1 530 000 kronor

Deltagare i projektet: KTH, Mycronic AB, Svenska Laserfabriken AB

Mål för projektet: To develop a compact and effective laser for Mycronic AB’s lithography system. The prototypes will be evaluated in the systems and be a starting point for productization

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Development of a nano-plasmonic fiber optic sensing platform for battery monitoring

Projektbudget 3 402 000 kronor, beviljat bidrag 1 701 000 kronor

Deltagare i projektet: Insplorion, RISE Acreo

Mål för projektet: To design, develop, and evaluate a low-cost, robust and efficient sensor system based on a fiber

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Open ROADM-solution in Swedish metro/regional environment

Projektbudget 11 170 000 kronor, beviljat bidrag 4 000 000 kronor

Deltagare i projektet: Smartoptics AB, RISE Acreo AB, Telia, IP-Only

Mål för projektet:

  • Create a forum in Sweden regarding open disaggregated optical networks consisting of operators, suppliers and research institutes.
  • Develop an open fiberoptic system solution with ROADMs for customers who intend to develop SDN-Controllers or buy Controllers externally.
  • Develop or customize an existing SDN-Controller which will allow for configuration and monitoring of the ROADM-network.
  • Develop Controller applications: A number of attractive applications in the SDNController that facilitate operation and maintenance of the optical networks.

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Digital receivers that are extremely wideband

Projektbudget 5 736 000 kronor, beviljat bidrag 2 500 000 kronor

Deltagare i projektet: Saab AB, Ericsson AB, Lund University

Mål för projektet: To design and demonstrate fully integrated extremely wideband digital receivers that will pave the way for future electronic warfare as well as mobile network products

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Integrated LIDAR system platform for gas profiling in combustion and industrial processes

Projektbudget 5 676 000 kronor, beviljat bidrag 2 738 000 kronor

Deltagare i projektet: NEOLund AB, Lund Universitet, RISE, Vattenfall

Mål för projektet:  The objective is to develop a sensor technology platform based on the new Scheimpflug LIDAR concept, for profiling and monitoring of combustion and industrial processes.

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Self-predicting and inter-communicating electric drives for industrial process optimization

Projektbudget 6 100 000 kronor, beviljat bidrag 2 918 000 kronor

Deltagare i projektet: KTH, ABB AB, Ericsson AB, Imagimob AB, LumenRadio AB

Mål för projektet:   Proof of concept of a new way of achieving industrial process reliability, flexibility and optimization through smart electric drives forming an edge cloud. In this cloud, local self-monitoring and health prediction of electric machines and drives is implemented, through improved hardware, artificial intelligence and direct inter-drive communication

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Smart multifunctional glass

Projektbudget 8 000 000 kronor, beviljat bidrag 4 000 000 kronor

Deltagare i projektet: RISE AB, RISE Acreo AB, ChromoGenics AB, Inwido Sverige AB, Hancap AB, Solibro Research AB, Vasakronan AB, Volvo PV AB

Mål för projektet:   To develop smart multifunctional glass applications with an integrated electronic control system through industry-wide collaboration, including tests and evaluations in real-world environments

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5G mmwave RFIC antenna in package for customer premises equipment (CPE) and gigabit fixed access (FWA)

Projektbudget 18 200 000 kronor, beviljat bidrag 3 991 000 kronor

Deltagare i projektet: Sivers IMA AB, Uppsala University

Mål för projektet:   Develop a 5G RFIC using in-packaged antenna for customer premises equipment. This solution will be used for FWA with the 5th generation mobile networks. The solution shall be a low cost RFIC using a packaging technology that secure an in-packaged antenna technology for the 5G mass-market providing high speed wireless data to the home also called FWA

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140 GHz micromachined gap waveguide-based LOS MIMO antenna array

Projektbudget 8 200 000 kronor, beviljat bidrag 4 000 000 kronor

Deltagare i projektet: Chalmers, Ericsson AB, RISE Acreo AB, Gapwaves AB, Mercene Labs AB

Mål för projektet:   To realize wideband and high gain MIMO antenna module for 140 GHz which will be fabricated by low cost MEMS technology for use in backhauling links.

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Water alarm label – ”thin film detector”

Projektbudget 4 066 000 kronor, beviljat bidrag 2 033 000 kronor

Deltagare i projektet: Tollco AB, RISE Acreo AB

Mål för projektet:  Develop a wireless water alarm label. The production and product costs must be low. The label is produced/assembled in Sweden and benefits Swedish industry. With support from Swedish research, ensure the end users’ need to protect their home against water damage. Practically implement the theoretical result from the feasibility study.

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