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Bakgrund och team

The ”Internationalisering” project, led by Luleå University of Technology (LTU), is dedicated to empowering Swedish electronics companies to expand their footprint globally, with a particular focus on the European Union. This innovative initiative aims to forge essential interfaces, facilitating Swedish participation in key EU framework programs. It’s tailored to enhance the global presence of Swedish businesses in the smarter electronics sector, encouraging their involvement in programs like KDT-JU/Chips-JU Xecs ITEA.

Enskilt projekt inom det strategiska innovationsprogrammet
Smartare elektroniksystem.

Our Team and Experience

Our team at LTU possesses extensive experience in navigating and succeeding within European Union programs. Our network includes professionals from prestigious institutions across Sweden and the EU. I am Shailesh Singh Chouhan, D.Sc.(Tech.) in Microelectronics from Aalto University, Finland, and the project manager of this initiative. I am committed to assisting you in ensuring a robust representation of Swedish innovation on the European stage through our network. This will enable you to develop winning strategies and proposals, positioning your company prominently on the EU stage.

Contact Information

For inquiries and further information, please contact us at:
[email protected]
Luleå University of Technology, Pörson Luleå

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